The Hunting Lodge Chardy Jack 20

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Where Burgundy meets Kentucky. Two cultures that couldn’tbe more worlds apart, yet this cultural mash-up is a marriage of joy and intrigue and pushes the boundaries of the wine frontier. The Hunting Lodge fermented and matured pure Hawkes Bay Chardonnay juice in Bourbon barrels straight from the distillery. Seeking big flavours and more structure, a riperparcel of grapes wash and-selected for this project. Nine months maturingin the Bourbon Barrels has allowed full expression of fruit and oak flavours with subtle Bourbon influences. Secondary fermentation also adds a delightful creamy, buttery dimension to the wine. Loaded with baked apricot, citrus, fig and caramel characters up front, followed by a vanilla and coconut twist and touch of butterscotch to boot. Rich and creamy but not too buttery, with fresh acidity to lift the finish.
Well-rounded Hawkes Bay Chardonnay made with Republican free enterprise but enough Democrat egalitarianism to provide balance.

A limited edition with only 390 bottles made.

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